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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know what size of pillow I need?

A. To determine the correct size sleeping pillow, you must measure your shoulder length. See sleeping pillow measuring guide for detailed instructions. The same instructions apply for the travel pillow. Click to download a pdf version of the measuring guide.

Q. I have a Soft "Pillow Top" Mattress. Will my size measurement change?

A. If you "sink" into the mattress, you will not need the extra thickness for side sleeping. If you measure between sizes, we suggest that you go down a size.

Q. I bought a Therapeutica pillow from another company. Can the pillow be returned to you for a refund?

A. You should first contact the company you purchased the pillow from, to see what their return/refund policy is. Therapeutica has a no return policy, for hygienic reasons.

Q. Can the pillow be washed?

A. No. The pillow cannot be saturated with water. Washing the pillow will break down the components of the foam and destroy the pillow. The pillow may be sponged off lightly with a mild non-fragrance disinfectant soap, such as a liquid hand soap or a mild dishwashing liquid.

Q. My pillow has changed colour is this normal?

A. Like any polyurethane foam product, the pillow will eventually take on a darker hue, when exposed to light and air. This is a natural process which does not affect performance or function.

Q. Why does the pillow look so different from a traditional pillow?

A. The therapeutica sleeping pillow was ergonomically designed to offer correct spinal alignment when either back or side sleeping. Please see design story for full explanation.

Q. What size of pillow case do I use for my pillow

A. Child, Petite and Average will fit a standard pillow case. Large and X-Large fit a King size pillow case.

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Healthcare Tip #9

The health of your spine is essential to live an active life. The spine protects your spinal cord, which is the column of nerves that connects your brain with the rest of your body. Without a spinal cord, your organs would not function and you could not move any part of your body.


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