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The Company

Welcome to the Therapeutica website. Since 1995 Therapeutica has been manufacturing ergonomic products to help prevent and provide relief from neck and back pain. All of Therapeutica’s products promote correct spinal alignment and bio-mechanical configuration, all important factors in maintaining good posture and ultimately reducing neck and back pain.

Therapeutica was founded on a core set of beliefs. We believe in the power of ergonomic design and the solutions it provides. We use the highest quality materials in the production of our products. We believe in the power of therapy and the benefits it offers. We are committed to making a positive difference in the quality of life for as many as possible while offering, integrity and respect to our suppliers, employees and customers.

We are proud of this company and the people and the products that make it what it is, one that has the ability to evolve and adapt to changing customer needs. We hope you find this website informative and enjoy our products for years to come.


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